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About the Butte

Bert Mooney Airport

Your Adventure Starts Here.

Located in the heart of Southwest Montana, Bert Mooney Airport is your gateway to adventure. Whether you are departing on that trip of a lifetime or arriving for that much-needed retreat, departing to the trip of a lifetime, Bert Mooney Airport can help you reach your travel destination with ease.

Steeped in history, the Bert Mooney Airport had humble beginnings, first opened in 1927 as the Butte National Airport; the airfield was a destination airport for the West; consisting of a small hangar that would later make history.

In 1928, it was renamed the Butte Municipal Airport and then again in 1956 the airport was renamed to the Silver Bow County Airport. In 1962 a new terminal was constructed in a chalet style of architecture which was still in use when the final name change took place in 1972, honoring a local aviator, Bert Mooney.

Mooney first started flying in Los Angeles in 1919. He came to Butte and founded Butte Aero Sales, the went on to be the chief pilot for Western Air Express (Western Airlines) and also flew the first airmail flight into Yellowstone.

In 2018, a new terminal was constructed. The new 40,633 square foot terminal was designed to reflect the historical charm of Butte, while providing the modern necessities that travelers desire.

The new $10.5 million terminal, funded by a combination of $1 million from the county's Hard Rock Mine Trust and federal grants and loans, is getting rave reviews from customers. It is expansive, featuring spectacular views and spacious ticketing and boarding areas and new customer-service amenities including a restaurant. Passengers love it.

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