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Fly Butte

The Fly Butte Initiative is a community-wide effort to secure additional flights to and from Butte, Montana.  The initiative is led by a sub-committee that includes members from the Butte Chamber of Commerce, Butte Local Development Corporation, Butte Convention & Visitors Bureau, Headwaters RC&D, and Butte-Silver Bow City-County.  

Fly Butte Initiative

Additional flights to and from Butte require Minimum Revenue Guarantee Contracts (MRGs.)   MRGs are a tool for communities to partner with airlines in sharing the risk of adding flights in new, untested markets. Funds are only transferred to the airline when flights under-perform and do not cover costs.

Fly Butte will be spearheading an ongoing flight-guarantee capital fundraiser to use towards the initial MRG of approximately $385,000 for Year 1 and the following annual MRGs to either retain flights or secure additional flights with new air service operators.  

The Tourism and Business Improvement District have committed to an $200,000 match investment.  The Fly Butte Initiative will seek matching funds for the remaining $185,000 from local businesses, and personal contributions.

If you are interested in learning more about how Butte can better serve its community through more flights, email Kelly Sullivan.

If you are interested in supporting the Fly Butte Initiative, fill out the form below.

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